Choisir un VTC ou un taxi?

Pau and Lourdes airports, Business trips, Ski resorts, Mountains.

A car with a private driver, or "chauffeur-driven car " is a means of transporting people inherited from the time of the carriages and the "carriages of delivery", created in the 17th century.
It is a provision only on reservation of a professional private chauffeur with his vehicle. A vtc Pau will drive you to all your destinations and can be at your service for several hours.

Chest of drawers

Very often, no transportation service operates between two particular locations or if it does exist, it does not operate at the time it is needed.

The private driver VTC Pau, unlike a Taxi driver, puts himself at your disposal via a reservation in advance. Many customers find their account there. Sometimes even, on certain transverse routes, if there are several, it becomes more competitive than the plane which obliges to a stage in Paris.

Difference between a vtc Pau or vtc Oloron and a cab ?

Un chauffeur de taxi est souvent “en place” à un endroit déterminé. Il a une licence qui lui permet de le faire. Il peut attendre le client et même être interpellé par lui pour un départ immédiat. Le chauffeur privé de VTC à Pau, Oloron, Laruns ou ailleurs quant à lui ne peut être interpellé que par une réservation faite à l’avance, par texto, par téléphone, par mail ou bien encore par le biais d’un site de réservation internet. Même s’il est appelé au téléphone pour une course, il devra avoir un document écrit indiquant

the customer's contact information,

the place where the client is picked up,

the day and time of the race in question.

This is the law.

Tarifs pour un VTC Pau ?

  • The prices of VTC Pau are free but are always known in advance. They are generally 20% cheaper than cabs, whether for trips within the city or even more true, in trips between different municipalities.
    A transport in VTC includes:
  • fuel
  • motorway tolls
  • depreciation of the vehicle
  • the salary and social charges of the private driver

Nothing to do with Blablacar or Flexibus!

These popular transportation systems work well and are inexpensive.
But they are often inadequate for certain destinations or routes.
To match location, time and comfort,

That a private driver VTC Pau!